Sunday, August 24, 2008

Draft Preparations

Draft deadline is approaching fast, I'll need to start writing up bits and pieces.

Dr. Calvo has sent us a link to some of the material the EIE faculty is using to work on a new report writing tool. The link is

I've had a look at it and the sections for 'Introduction', 'Discussion' and 'References' are pretty useful.

I'll be using the Harvard system for referencing and citing, some examples of this system are as follows:

- For a journal article;

Oliveras, J & Montagne-Clavel, J 1996, 'Picrotoxin produces a "central" pain-like syndrome when microinjected Into the somato-motor cortex of the rat', Physiology & Behavior,V 60, 6, pp. 1425-1434.

- For a book;

Katz, B 1996, Nerve, muscle, and synapse, McGraw-Hill, New York.

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